Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pink Flamingos and I'm Going Coconuts.

A friend of mine called and asked me to make her some Pink Flamingo themed cupcakes. I thought it sounded easy enough. I figured I would find some cute mini flamingo cookie cutter and make some little sugar cookies to go on top. After about 5 hours of searching on the Internet and calling various stores, I realized that mini flamingo cookie cutters do not exist. I found mini hot dog cutters, and mini lighthouse cutters, and basically any and everything else mini - but NO flamingos. Then I had a stroke of inspiration and decided to make them out of chocolate. They turned out so cute (in my opinion:). The beaks are made out of licorice, and the bodies out of pink chocolate. The cupcakes were dark chocolate with cream filling. The pink and green cakes were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla with fresh strawberry frosting. Mmm mmm good! And I do need to note that until this week carrot cupcakes were my nemesis. The last time I tried to make them, which was well over a year ago, they sank into a soggy mess. But alas, I got my mom's recipe and they turned out really good. Nemesis - Conquered! Merci, mom!

This same friend also asked for something chocolaty and gooey. So I made her some chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.


Mackenzie said...

Dust... Those turned out sooo cute. I heard your making some cupcakes for my friend Jonna. and I get to eat them that night! YAY for me.

ashlie said...